tips on using this web forum

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tips on using this web forum

Post by hugsmindy » Wed Aug 22, 2007 5:25 am

I wanted to give some general usage tips for those who may be completely new to the web forum world. This website consists of several discussion forums where registered users can read and write about their experiences with SCDS, ask questions, and so on.

1) The very first thing you need to do is register to join the forum. We require this in order to keep out spammers. To register, just click the Register link over on the right side, toward the top. That'll take you through the process.

2) In order to view the posts to this forum, you must be logged in! You will not be able to see anything other than titles until you log in. Once logged in, look for the small circular icons to the left of each category and topic. If they are highlighted yellow, then there is a new post to that topic since the last time you logged in. If they are not highlighted, there are no new posts since your last log in.

3) When you post, note the options you can check at the bottom of the post. If you want to know via email when someone has replied to your post, make sure you click the box next to "Notify me when a reply is posted".

4) It is really helpful to other users of the forum if you create a "signature" containing a couple quick lines about your history with SCDS. This will appear at the bottom of each of your posts and replies, and will help jog people's memory about you. To create a signature, click on User Control Panel (in the upper right of each page), and then Profile, and then Edit Profile. Here are a couple examples of helpful signatures:


Misdiagnosed by numerous medical specialists from 1995 to 2008.
Correctly diagnosed with SCDS by Dr. Cass and his student in September 2008.
Successful "resurfacing" surgery by Dr. Gianoli in January 2009 on right ear.
Now starting to plan surgery on left ear for 2013.


Diagnosed bilateral SCDS 11/10 in Salt Lake City after 5 months of symptoms following severe one time vertigo event. Unsuccessful plugging left side craniotomy 12/10 House Ear Clinic in LA. Revision JHH scheduled 7/5/13.


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